The Wilsons do Homeschool

When Cassie came to me with the idea of capturing their normal daily homeschool routine, I was ecstatic! I personally love the idea of homeschool, and hope to do it with my own children someday. So getting to peek into what it can be like was so much fun! ┬áEverything about the way Cassie parents amazes me. She has so much patience and love for her children, and she has created such a beautiful space for them to learn in. You can see she has poured her heart into everything little detail of their home, especially their school area. I’ve been photographing this family for years, and each time I leave them I feel refreshed. Cassie is truly such an inspiration to me as a mother, and I hope to be as calm and accomplished as her with my own children.

This family gets to learn and play, eat and explore, and grow together all day every day and I think that is so special.


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