The Birth of Baby Georgia

I received a text on that Tuesday morning around 7am that Deborah was starting Pitocin. This was a planned induction, and she had informed me that her previous 3 births were rather quick. So I stayed close to my phone and made sure everything was ready for me to jump up and leave. She was progressing quickly, so I headed to Spartanburg Regional and arrived around 9:30. She as already dilated to a 6!

Deborah had her husband and 3 children in the hospital with her (8, 7, and 3 year olds), and the environment was so lovely. The kids were watching TV and playing on their tablets, dad was setting up the laptop so that could have grandma on Skype during the delivery, and Deborah was relaxing in the bed, breathing through some of the contractions she could feel and awaiting her last baby’s arrival.

Pretty soon transition started, as Deborah started to feel nauseous. She decided to take a nap before it was time to have her baby. At 11:15am she was checked, and she had jumped from 7cm all the way to 10cm in about 20 ┬áminutes. It was pushing time. Her oldest daughter lit up, so excited to be a part of this process and to meet her new baby sister. She stayed by her mommy’s side the entire time, holding her hand, singing to baby Georgia, and asking any and all questions she could think of about the birth process. I LOVED hearing her curiosity and watching her witness something so beautiful at such a young age, all the while being calm and comforting for her mother.

Deborah’s youngest son, on the other hand, was a little more taken off guard. His reactions had the whole room laughing. He took a quick peek at everything that was going on, and yelled “that’s a dirty baby!”. He didn’t want much to do with the birth anymore lol.

Pushing was a breeze for Deborah, it didn’t take much for sweet Georgia to join us all earthside! At 11:32am she arrived, beautiful and chunky as ever. The doctor put her straight on mom’s chest, allowed the cord to stop pulsing, and then dad cut the cord. Deborah’s reaction was so heartwarming as she heard her daughter’s cry for the first time. Even after having 3 babies already, that moment was still so precious to her. Her eyes filled with tears and joy. A mama’s heart truly grows with each child she has.

Once everything calmed down, the kids settled in and everyone winded down for some quiet time and naps. This is Deborah’s very last child, and what a sweet birth to call her last.

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