The beautiful birth of Ella

When I arrived at the hospital and walked into Amanda’s birth space, I could feel the joy and excitement in the air. Although she was working through contractions regularly, she was smiling and laughing between each of them. I loved her and Jeremiah’s spirit. They were silly and excited, making goofy jokes with each other throughout the afternoon. Amanda breathed through her contractions so gracefully, and spent a lot of time on the birth ball and her labor progressed. She was planning a drug free birth, with the understanding and acceptance that her plan may change and she was okay with that. She was so strong, working through the surges like the goddess she is! Eventually the sun began to set, and she decided to take a shower to help deal with the pain. It seemed her labor took a turn after that, and she couldn’t quite relax anymore. She stayed at 6cm for a long time, and eventually decided on an epidural. It was getting late, and I had been there for a while, so I told her the next time they checked her if she hadn’t progressed, I would head home to rest a bit and give them some time to themselves. I thought surely her labor had quite a few more hours. But sure enough, the next check she was almost at a 10! The epidural had helped her relax so much, and now her body was ready to delivery their sweet baby girl. The room slowly changed, the mood more urgent and ready, yet still peaceful. Amanda began to push, and soon enough her girl entered the world. Tears and laughter filled the room, as Ella was placed on Amanda’s chest and she finally greeted her daughter face to face for the very first time.

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