Package Pricing

**All payments are due in full before your session date, 50% is due before I get you in my calendar!**

In-home Documentary ($200)

The photos that I cherish the most from my own childhood, are the ones in my home. It’s so wonderful to be able to solidify a memory with a photograph. I remember having a blue suede couch growing up (fashionable I know) and to see it in pictures now always makes me smile. I remember rubbing my hands across that couch, writing my name in the fabric, hanging upside down with my sister off it. And seeing those things in pictures is truly priceless. Our memories can fail us sometimes, and slip away so quietly we don’t even notice. Documenting your home will be such a treasure to gift your children with when they’re older, as the ability to recall all the tiny details begins to fade. I also treasure the photos I have of my entire family together (mama included) which are few and far between. How wonderful it would be to have an entire album of photos, and not to have to worry about capturing them yourself, or missing precious moments because you’re busy with a camera. Get in the photos with your kids, they deserve to have these times captured with you!

What’s Included: Up to an hour of shooting time, an online gallery with 20+ high resolution images, quick and easy download, and printing rights.

On Location Lifestyle ($200)

My lifestyle sessions are all about having fun. Come as yourself and leave feeling like you made memories, not exhausted and defeated. I say this not in vain, but as reassure to those of you with little (and wild) kiddos: after almost every session I shoot that involves young children, I am complimented on my patience. Patience is not my strong suite, but when it comes to my work it’s what I do best. Trust me when I say, your child will not be the exception. I have three small children of my own, and it’s no surprise to me when kids act like kids. My goal is not to have your child sit quietly and say cheese for an hour straight. I want to see him laughing, running, playing with you and his siblings. I want to capture joy. Not clenched teeth and slumped shoulders! Let the time you spend with me be enjoyable, and trust that I will capture beautiful moments of you and your family just being yourselves.

What’s Included: Up to an hour of shooting time, one location, an online gallery with 20+ high resolution images, quick and easy download, and printing rights.

Film Packages:

Mini Film ($200)

Do you want a snippet of time caught on film, in a way that will make you cry (don’t pretend like we don’t all love a good cry every now and then)? Let me film you, and document something special for your family to remember forever. Whether it be breastfeeding, a bedtime routine, a meal together, or a visit to your favorite park. Those moments matter, and I would love to show you how beautiful they can be.

What’s Included: 30 minutes to an hour of filming, one location, a 1-3 minute film with music license purchase.

Full Film ($400)

Make it a day, and capture you and your family doing your favorite things. At home, or on location! Let’s plan out a day filled with adventure and fun, and I’ll film you as it all plays out. This can be anything you want it to be. In your home, at the lake, in the museum, even out for a car ride!

What’s Included: Up to 2 hours of filming, up to 2 locations, a 5-8 minute long film with music license purchase.

Have something that might fit between a mini film and full film? Contact me and we can discuss setting up something specifically priced for you!