Hayes Super Speedy Arrival, A Successful VBAC

Little Hayes came into this world as quickly as he could! His awesome mama texted me around 1am that she was admitted to the hospital at 2cm, and he was born a few hours later at 6:08am! I manage to arrive right before the pushing began, at about 5:30. I noticed the full moon as I walked into the hospital, and the speedy labor made a little more sense lol. The room was busy and full of excitement when I walked in. This was my first time shooting at GHS Patewood, and I really loved the staff there. Mackenzie’s nurse was so kind to everyone, you could really tell she loved her job. Things went quickly from there, Mackenzie only had to push a handful of times before her baby boy was born! This is her second child, and a planned vbac. For daddy though, this was his first, and you can see that clearly through his expressions in these photos. There was so much love in this birth. I love the look on Mackenzie’s face as she looks up and John, with an “I’m actually doing this” face! A vbac can feel like the most incredible moment of your life! I remembered my first vbac then, and smiled because I knew how powerful she felt. Hayes was welcomed calmly into this birth space, and placed onto his mama’s chest right away (something she really wanted out of this birth because she didn’t receive that with her first). So many sweet moments played out during this early morning. As the sun rose, the room filtered out and soon it was just the two parents and their new little baby. Mackenzie asked for her first born to come by before school, to meet his new baby brother. And how sweet he was, so curious in little Hayes. They snuggled and talked before he left to continue his daily routine at school. As the adrenaline drained away, the exhaustion was setting in. Soon enough both parents were yawning and drifting in and out of sleep. I captured a few more moments, and left them to their bliss. Another beautiful birth I was so privileged to witness and capture, and remember forever.

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