Birth Film and Photography FAQs


-How long with you be present at my birth?

I will arrive at your home or birthing center once you are in active labor (around 7cm dilated with contractions least every 5 minutes apart), and I will stay up until 2 hours after your baby arrives, to document everything I can including all the bonding time you will have with your new little one.

-Will my photos be posted online?

I will always ask permission for every single photo and film, before posting online. I chose to post the most modest and tasteful images to social media and my website. It will always be your choice on what is shared and what is not, but I do hope you allow me to share a few in order to benefit and inspire other mothers and soon-to-be moms!

-How modest or immodest are the photos you take? Will I be able to share them with family?

I can show as much or as little as you prefer! Some families want only photos that could be shared everywhere, while others chose to have pictures of the baby crowning. I’ve had mothers say absolutely no crowning shots whatsoever, and in the middle of delivery changed their minds and asked me to take photos! It will always be up to the mother what I document, and also what is shared publicly or not.

-I don’t know how comfortable I am having someone else at my birth, and being photographed. Will you be inconspicuous during my labor?

I have attended many births, and each of my clients have told me afterwords that they barely noticed I was there. I try to have a calming and quiet presence during all the births I document. I believe that intervention during birth should be as minimal as possible, and I do my part in giving mom and dad as much space as they need.

-What if something happens and you do not make it to my birth?

Although this is a possibility, good communication between the client and myself almost always prevents this! As long as I get a good heads up, I will make it there. If for some reason I do not make it before your baby arrives, I will come and document everything I can after birth, and offer you a 48 fresh session either in the birthing center or in your home for no extra charge.

-What if I end up transferring to a hospital?

I will accompany through your entire birth process, so if you end up needing to transfer, I will transfer right along with you, and be by your side as long as I’m allowed and wanted.

-How much will this cost me, and what is included?

I offer different packages for documenting birth. Click here to see my pricing and what’s included.

Please contact me to discuss payment plans if that interests you!

-Why should I hire a birth photographer instead of asking a family member to capture photos for me?

Having me present at your birth to document it ensures that you will get the highest quality photos and video footage you can. I have the equipment and skills to work in tricky lighting situations, and the editing software to correct anything that might need to be fixed. Having a film or photographs of your birth is not something a family member with no experience will be able to give you, and it is something so precious to have. You are going to want your spouse to be focused on you, and helping you get through your labor (and be in the photos), as well as any other family members you chose to attend.

Thank you for reading through the FAQs, and if you still have questions, or would like to book with me, please email me at